Experience the BRAVURA system now on demonstration!

We are proud to announce our partnership with Warwick Acoustics, a prestigious UK-based headphone manufacturer. Anyone interested in a serious, high-end headphone system should experience the BRAVURA system now on demonstration. Its predecessor, the Sonoma M1, has won 25 industry awards and received high praise from recording professionals around the world. The BRAVURA headphone improves upon the Sonoma M1’s foundation and utilizes Warwick’s High-Precision Electrostatic Laminate (HPEL) audio transducers to achieve stunning clarity and musicality. Paired with the Class-A Sonoma amplifier and DAC, the BRAVURA/Sonoma system transforms into a truly gestalt music experience.

Features and colors

  • Injected magnesium ear-cups
  • Handmade sheep hair ear cushions
  • A luxury hand-stitched headband
  • Custom low-capacitance cable
  • Lightweight and comfortable headband


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