Favorite Systems

Everyone has different performance expectations, required features, placement issues and other needs for a music or home theater system, so there is no perfect universal system. Even more important, the combination of components is very critical to getting a good result. One can easily select a good CD player, receiver, and pair of speakers, each in isolation, and have them perform poorly together. Even the choice in cables makes a difference. The system approach is the key. Here are a few rough starting points- a few favorites that we think really stand out. Please stop by and we can fill in the blanks or fine-tune something just right for you! Please note, prices do not include cables or custom installation where necessary.

Please read our note about audio systems vs. audio/video systems.

A word about audio systems vs. audio/video systems:

Most people come in the store today assuming they should get a surround sound system. The truth is, unless you watch at least a couple of movies or concert videos a week, you may be better off with a good stereo two-channel system.

Surround sound is primarily a benefit for information that has been recorded in a surround format- primarily movies and some TV broadcasts, but not the vast majority of music on CDs, records, etc. You’ll also get a higher quality sound from a two channel system than a five channel system for the same amount of money. This should be obvious, if you consider that you can spend x amount of dollars and allocate it over either two amplifier channels and two speakers, or five amplifier channels, five speakers, and additional processing.

In fact, many people find that they are happier with the sound of their movies played back through a superior two channel system than a lesser multi-channel system. Plus they get better performance for their music listening. And a two channel video system can also be less intrusive in a living room. We think this is something that you should consider and are happy to show you some options, both in stereo and multi-channel audio/video systems.

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NAD PowerNode streaming DAC / integrated amplifier
PSB Alpha P5 bookshelf speakers

Total price: approx $1500

This is a terrific compact system that lets you stream music from Qobuz, Tidal, internet radio, or a library of local digital music files.  The Powernode also supports wifi, bluetooth, and Apple Airplay2, and has a stout 80 watt per channel power amp on board.  PSB’s Alpha P5 speakers are the best value going in a compact high performance affordable speaker.

Rega Planar 2 turntable and cartridge
Rega io integrated amp
Rega Kyte bookshelf speakers

Total price: about $2400

A terrific compact, budget system that invites you to discover how good vinyl records can sound, and is flexible enough to enjoy a wide range of music. For even better sound from your LPs, step up to the Rega Planar 3. Add the Rega Apollo CD player or a Bluesound Node 2i for excellent digital playback.  A store favorite.

NAD C368 integrated amp
Magnepan MG.7i speakers

Total price: about $2900

Our NAD and Magnepan system pairing pushes performance to a surprising level. Few speakers can deliver a sense of life-like scale and realism like the Maggies, and pull it off anywhere near the price of the MG.7i. The Magnepans do require a fair amount of power to live up to their potential, and that’s where NAD comes in. The C368 integrated delivers 80 watts per channel and has a smooth transparent sound that’s a perfect match for these speakers. Utilize one of the two available MDC module slots to accommodate one of the world’s most advanced Hi-Res Audio multi-room wireless systems available, the optional BluOS music management system developed by Bluesound ($500). BluOS connects to your network and is controlled via smartphone, tablet, or desktop to manage your music collection and connect you to a number of high-quality streaming music services such as Tidal and Qobuz. Got vinyl? The C368 also includes a MM phono stage which allows you to plug in your favorite turntable and start listening to your LPs right out of the box. Upgrades from here would include first the NAD C388 integrated, and then the Magnepan MG1.7i speakers.

Linn Majik DSM Integrated Amp / Digital Streaming player
Linn Majik 140 speakers

Total price: about $8,000

Linn is a distinguished manufacturer of some of the world’s finest audio components, and the same company that created the ground breaking CD12 CD player, and the Sondek LP12 turntable which continues as a reference product today.  Stemming from over 40 successful years of pitch accurate sound reproduction, the Majik System brings new levels of excitement to music playback.  Linn’s Majik DS-M integrated amp is one of the most versatile and fully featured products available, with accommodations for digital inputs, analog inputs, HDMI AV inputs, a phono stage for a turntable, and Linn’s Digital Streaming technology for serious performance playing back network music sources. The beautifully designed Majik 140 floor standing speakers are a popular choice for their great sound and ease of placement, and also come in several handsome real wood finishes including oak, walnut, rosenut, cherry, black ash, and white, making them easy to integrate into any decor. If you need smaller speakers, there’s also a bookshelf version of the 140, the Majik 109. And you can always add a Linn LP12 turntable, to get the maximum enjoyment from your vinyl collection.

Rega Planar 3 turntable
Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum III integrated amplifier
ProAc Response D2R speakers

Total price: about $9,200

Nothing quite matches the appeal of listening to LPs with a vacuum tube amplifier. While we offer a very broad range of both turntables and tube electronics, one of our favorite systems is also one of our most attainable. The Planar 3 turntable is the latest version of Rega’s iconic model and is amazing sounding for the price. Rogue Audio’s Cronus Magnum III integrated amp is the most affordable all-tube amplifier we offer and, with an output 100 watts per channel, capable of driving practically any speaker. Pairing the two components with ProAc’s exceptional Response D2R speakers, now sporting ribbon tweeters, creates an amazing sounding, all-analog, system that will bring you many hours of enjoyment.

MOON 280D streaming network DAC
MOON 340i integrated amp
ProAc D20R floorstanding speakers

Total price: about $14,500

MOON by Simaudio have been manufacturing high-end products out of Montreal, Quebec for almost 40 years. With a clean, attractive aesthetic and a wide range of performance options, MOON components are a great solution for many people. The 280D DAC offers playback of local music files and internet-based streaming services like Tidal via its network connection with intuitive control via an iDevice, and provides additional inputs for other digital sources. The 340i integrated amplifier provides clean, life-like amplification for almost any speaker. Add a pair of British-made ProAc D20R speakers, another brand popular with us for decades now, and you have another system that’s a big favorite. For a smaller space, consider the ProAc D Two bookshelf speakers. The lush midrange and detailed treble and bass of ProAc loudspeakers are sure to leave you wanting to relax with your stereo system daily.

Linn Selekt DSM integrated amplifier / DAC
Wilson Audio SabrinaX speakers

Total price: about $25,000

Are you looking for a good serving of the highest fidelity possible in home audio playback, without a ton of components or wires in your home? If so, this system is one for you to hear! Linn’s Selekt DSM has multiple digital and analog inputs, wired and wireless network audio streaming, Bluetooth, Airplay, HDMI audio return channel, and more. The SabrinaX, representing a serious upgrade to the original Sabrina model, is a revelatory achievement in loudspeaker design. Featuring elements from the mega dollar Wilson models, the SabrinaX speakers perform way above their price point and size, giving you a tangible realism that can’t be matched in most systems regardless of price. This system provides incredible performance, while still remaining a minimal, clutter-free solution for your home. But don’t take our word for it- come by and hear this system today!

dCS Rossini network DAC
Audio Research REF 6SE preamplifier
Audio Research REF 160 power amplifier
Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers

Total price: about $105,000

Just one listen and you will immediately understand why Wilson speakers are THE speaker to have if you really want to enjoy the best sound possible in your home, and why Audio Research is an American legend in state of the art electronics and the world leader in vacuum tube design. With over 40 years of experience crafting high-end components, these manufacturers are at the forefront of state-of-the-art stereo systems. Audio Research components are handmade in Minnesota, and the REFERENCE line is made to their most exacting tolerances, resulting in you hearing more information from your own music collection. Vinyl lovers can add a Linn LP12 or AMG turntable and appropriate phono stage and enjoy an even more staggering experience. The Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers are the latest offering in Wilson’s iconic WATT/Puppy lineup, one of the most sought-after designs in loudspeaker history. With powerful dynamics, incredible resolution, and a massive, realistic soundstage, the DAW is an extremely high-performance speaker that also has a modest footprint suitable for almost any room. The combination of these components and loudspeakers creates the rare system that continues to satisfy even if you’re fortunate enough to have frequent exposures to great live music, as it comes remarkably close to the real thing. This is only one of many Wilson/Audio Research systems we can build for you- drop by the shop and we can work out which system is just right for you.

dCS Vivaldi network DAC
D’Agostino Master Audio Systems Momentum HD preamplifier
D’Agostino Master Audio Systems M400 mono power amplifier
Wilson Audio Alexx V speakers

Total price: about $300,000

What do you get when you pair one of the top models from the world’s most highly respected speaker designer with components built by the leading manufacturers of high-end electronics? A truly amazing system that delivers more pleasure and enjoyment than someone could ever dream possible from an audio system. You’ll be transported to the live event, while remaining comfortably seated in your own living room. No more struggling to hear even the most subtle of details- each piece of music is presented to you as if you were there when it was recorded. You are free to fully connect to the music you love- emotionally- giving you more enriching musical experiences than youíve ever had at home. But candidly, a few words can’t begin to convey the magic and significance of this system or the individual components that create it. Please contact us to set an appointment so we can let you understand and experience it for yourself.

Like the manufacturers that create these world-class components, all of us at AudioConcepts have been fine-tuning our craft over decades: creating individually specialized, purpose-driven systems made of components that perform optimally together, paired with unrivaled customer support that continues long after the initial installation is complete. We use the system above as a sonic reference for every one that we create- and strive to get you as close to it as possible when we build yours for you, based on your room, placement considerations, and budget. So whether youíre purchasing your very first hifi, or putting together your dream system, youíll get a piece of this world-class stereo.

NAD T758 V3i AV receiver
GoldenEar Triton 7 front speakers
GoldenEar SuperCenter X center channel speaker
GoldenEar Aon 2 bookshelf or Invisa 650 inceiling speakers
GoldenEar Forcefield 4 subwoofer

Total price: about $5900

This NAD / GoldenEar system makes up a very affordable home theater that features full range floorstanding speakers. Compared to other similarly priced combinations in the market, this one will sound far more natural and realistic and do an equally good job at reproducing music. The new NAD receiver has all the latest HDMI features allowing you to take full advantage of the performance that 4K / UHD Blu-Ray discs can deliver, and includes NAD’s MDC modular design concept which lets you change out audio and video modules as technology changes, reducing the risk of obsolescence.

Add a beautiful Sony Smart TV for the full 4K HDR experience.

NAD T778 AV receiver
Sonus faber Sonetto front speakers
Sonus faber in-ceiling rear speakers
Sonus faber Sonetto center channel speaker
Sonus faber Gravis powered subwoofer

Total price: about $12,000

Sonus faber speakers have long been known for their fantastic sound and their gorgeous aesthetic.  The Sonetto series offer a wide range of floorstanding, bookshelf, center, in-ceiling and subwoofer models and we can dial in the right combination for your space. They’re fantastic for enjoying music, concert videos, or your favorite film, and are all made in Italy. NAD’s latest AV receiver completes the package, providing the right kind of power and all the current surround sound modes available. Another plus: NAD’s MDC modular design construction in their receivers puts all audio and video circuitry on individual replaceable modules, making it easier to keep your product current with future technology and format changes.

NAD T778 7 channel Dolby Atmos AV Receiver
GoldenEar Triton One.R front speakers
GoldenEar SuperCenter Reference center channel speaker
GoldenEar on-wall or in-wall surround speakers
GoldenEar in-ceiling height speakers
GoldenEar SuperSub XXL subwoofer

Total price: about $20,000

A perfect choice for a more serious system for combined music enjoyment and movie watching. The NAD T778 AV Receiver offers a fantastic combination of high resolution streaming audio via the network-connected BluOS module, 4K video switching, serious amplification, and support for the most current video and audio formats at a very reasonable price. The GoldenEar Triton One speakers are exceptionally engaging for theater applications and with a full Atmos speaker system you can have a home cinema with better sound than most theaters.

Add the latest Sony A9G 4K UHD OLED display to complete the experience.

Wilson Audio Sasha DAW front speakers
Wilson Audio WATCH center channel speaker
Wilson Audio Alida wall mount rear speakers
Wilson Audio WATCH DOG subwoofer w/ controller
McIntosh MX170 A/V preamp and processor
McIntosh MC255 five channel power amplifier

Total price: about $100,000

“For over a decade more award winning film scores have been mixed, composed, or recorded with Wilson Audio than any other loudspeaker.” – Wilson Audio

Some of the best sounding movies ever are on the long list of those produced on Wilson Audio speakers, and captured using Sony video components.  Sony is the only video manufacturer to have full control of its 4k video content from lens to living room. With this system you can be absolutely sure that you are seeing and hearing every detail, every emotion, and every moment with the intensity and drama that the director intended.  Your favorite music will also make you sit up and be amazed. And the sophisticated Room Perfect room correction technology in the MX-170 raises the sound quality even further, making every seat the best seat in the house. This system is truly a masterpiece for the film AND music lover.

Add a remarkable Sony 4K projector to complete this amazing system.

Most people enjoying music via headphones are listening with a portable setup, and this is often mistaken to be exclusively low-quality and lacking in engagement. With so many cheap consumer models on the market, this is not surprising! Over the last decade, the quality available for on-the-go listening has gone through the roof, allowing you to achieve surprisingly good results without carrying around loads of gear. With bluetooth solutions like the Sennheiser Momentum 3 Wireless, you can even enjoy your music without any wires whatsoever. To step up the quality even further, we have the Chord Mojo 2 digital converter, which brings greater detail, clarity, and authority to all the music you love. Plug in a pair of Sennheiser HD820 headphones and you have one of the better headphone setups available today—along with the ability to bring it with you wherever you go. Whether you’re enjoying a latte in your favorite coffee shop or traveling the world for business or pleasure, you never have to be apart from your love of music. We have lots of options and would encourage you to visit and discover your optimal solution.

Even if you have your own music system in a dedicated space, sometimes a pair of headphones is simply the right solution. Whether it’s late at night and you don’t want to wake the house, or you’re looking to hear a section of music in more intimate detail, or maybe you need to listen to that one album that no one else enjoys… there will always a good time to pull out a pair of great headphones. And because of the growth in headphone use over the last ten years, the quality level of personal listening has never been better. You no longer have to sacrifice quality in order to listen quietly. Companies like Focal, Audeze, and Sennheiser bring decades of experience to the table, and new designs from Meze and Warwick Acoustics are also great options to consider.  Put on a pair of these headphones and close your eyes—be prepared to get lost in the music and hear every detail with stunning precision and reality.  Take it further and pair them with an optimal heaphone amplifier from Moon by SimAudio, the compact Naim Uniti Atom HE, or the fabulous dCS Bartok DAC / headphone amp, and you’re in for a real treat. At AudioConcepts, you get the ability to experience these headphones first-hand while having a dialogue with our knowledgeable staff—all before making a buying decision.