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Music and film can change your life. The same experience enjoyed in your home can, too, but only if faithfully reproduced. We started AudioConcepts over thirty years ago to help people enjoy the best possible audio and video entertainment in their home. The combination of our knowledge and experience, carefully matched system solutions, and excellent customer service make this happen.

On this page, we provide information on our store. Please call or stop by if you have any questions, and see how we can make your next music system purchase more satisfying.

11661 Preston Rd, Suite 280
Dallas, TX 75230

Store Hours:
Open by Appointment
Tuesday – Thursday: 11AM – 6PM
Friday – Saturday: 10AM – 6PM
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Frequently Asked Questions

Top reasons to choose AudioConcepts

We have a comfortable retail store where you can relax and audition components, and make the best informed decision. (Surprisingly, many companies today have only an internet presence and a delivery van.)

We have a carefully chosen selection of the best products available today, ones from manufacturers who have a proven history of delivering quality products and providing long term support.

We offer expert system delivery and setup. Our experience in turntable calibration, speaker placement, component setup, cable selection, etc. makes sure that your system reaches its performance potential.

We offer custom installation of our products. With years of experience coordinating with builders, electricians, and architects, we can maximize not only the sound of your system but also its integration into your home- whether it’s simply adding music in other areas of the house or making the most of a dedicated media room.

We’re a locally owned and operated specialty retailer, in business for forty years, providing you with the best personalized customer service. When you have a question about your system, you can call and actually talk to a person- usually the person that helped you choose and set up your system. And those phone calls are free, with no ‘support subscription’ required.

We support our products after the sale. We handle service on everything we sell, and offer free loaners (subject to availability) to system buyers. On non-warranty repairs, we don’t mark up the bill. We pass on only the actual costs to you.

We’ll offer you a competitive trade-in on anything you have purchased from us towards a new component purchase, making it easy for you to improve your system and enjoy that next level of performance.

What Clients Say

I spent the second half of 2015 listening to speakers nearly everywhere in Dallas. Lucky for me I started at Audio Concepts, with John, and that’s where I finished several months later. The foundation of their excellence is the superiority of their products.

Amos M.

Great guy, great place. He took his time with me thou I didnt have the cash to buy. I will be back to buy from him. Oh, its a 4 hour drive for me to get there. Nuff said!

Kenneth T.

Thanks Mark.  You and Audio Concepts are truly one of the class acts I have been fortunate to deal with over the years!


Thank you! You brought the old ‘table back to life.  Thanks for the outstanding service today.  If I ever upgrade I will definitely not waste my time going elsewhere or online.


Mark at Audio Concepts is an outstanding audio retailer who leads you gently to your own ears’ decisions.


I have a depressive personality, but I would be a lot more depressed if I didn’t have my Linn and ProAc gear, and you guys at Audio Concepts to back it all up!

Bill D.

I wanted to send you an email to let you know how satisfied I am with the Linn LP12 turntable rebuild. It sounds amazing!!!  I could not be happier. You did a fantastic job. I wish I could have stayed longer in the store. We will be back. Thank you so much!

Dan S.

I truly appreciate the customer care and service you and your team bring.  I don’t shop anywhere else for audio components and tell all my friends about you.

Robert R.

I can’t thank you enough for your honesty and integrity.  That means a great deal.


I just wanted to say thank you. John was just great. Everything you would want from that experience we had in his honest and helpful assessment of how we could end up with a great system.

Brian J.

Landon was always patient, extremely knowledgeable, and helped guide me and shape the system into exactly what I had dreamed. His knowledge and input was invaluable to a novice just getting into the game. A year and 3 months later I am still so pleased with this store and its people — I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Charles K

Most professional high-end audio dealer I have ever worked with- 6 stars out of 5!

Frank G.

Landon, thank you. Melissa and I really appreciate all the advice you’ve given us. I couldn’t be happier with my system.

David S.

Many thanks, Jeff, for your expertise and willingness to go the extra mile. Job well done!

Chris A.
Such superior customer service is extremely rare these days. I am writing to express my gratitude for that kind of attention and care.
Kevin S.
Purchasing this system from Audio Concepts and working with Landon has been so rewarding.
Gary L.

Thank you Jorge-Anthony! Superb service and care from you and the Audio Concepts team as always.

Matt H.

My mind is blown.  Like, I never thought it could sound like this. It’s MUSIC!

Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate you and the whole crew. Thank you!”

Greg S.

Thanks Jorge-Anthony!  The experience with Audio Concepts has exceeded my expectations.  I appreciate your knowledge and attention to detail, and the delivery.

Jason H.