Demonstrator / Used / Consignment Equipment

The featured demo and used components listed for sale below are carefully inspected to make sure they’re working properly. Please see note at the bottom of the list for more information on conditions and terms of sale. This is a list of featured products; for a complete list, please e-mail us.

Please note- we don’t buy used components. We also don’t accept items for consignment unless it’s part of an upgrade purchase.


McIntosh C70 vacuum tube preamp

Reg. Price: $7,000
Sale Price: $5,999

McIntosh’s C70 stereo vacuum tube preamp celebrates the company’s 70th anniversary, with an all-analog design and a retro look.  The C70 includes multiple inputs, tone controls, and a phono stage with both MM and MC inputs.  This is a used C70, in pristine condition with original box and packing.


Vandersteen 2CE speakers

Reg. Price: $1420
Sale Price: $600

Just in, an audio classic- the legendary Vandersteen 2CE speakers. These speakers were highly regarded in their day, and are still a competitive performer.  They’ve been in production since 1977 and the current version sells for over $3500.  This used pair of 2CE speakers includes the upgraded metal bases and original boxes and packing.  Local sale preferred.


Linn Lingo 1 power supply for LP12 turntable

Reg. Price: $1,295
Sale Price: $400

Used original Linn Lingo 1 power supply for Sondek LP12 turntable, in on trade as part of a significant table upgrade.  The external Lingo 1 supply offers better performance than the original Basik, Majik, Valhalla, and 3rd party power supplies, and also includes 33/45 electronic speed selection.  This used Lingo has been recapped for better long-term reliability, and includes an appropriate motor at no charge.  Dealer installation is highly recommended.


PS Audio PerfectWave SACD Transport and DirectStream DAC

Reg. Price: $12,498
Sale Price: $6,000

Used PS Audio PerfectWave SACD Transport and DirectStream DAC, black finish, in very good condition.  Original boxes and packing included.  We’d like to sell these together but can discuss separating- please inquire.


Salamander Denver 221 cabinet

Reg. Price: $1,799
Sale Price: $1,099

Here’s a nice Salamander Denver 221 cabinet from their Chameleon range. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture for your audio system, and can also house a small AV system.  The Denver 221 has a textured natural oak finish on sides and doors and a glass top, and features adjustable interior shelves and soft-close door dampers.  Measures 44 ” W x 21.5 ” H x 21.25 ” D.  This is a floor model that is in pristine condition.


NAD D 3020 integrated amp / DAC

Reg. Price: $479
Sale Price: $299

NAD”s D 3020 is a compact stereo integrated amp with a built-in digital to analog converter that supports 24 bit / 96 kHz files. The D 3020 also includes bluetooth connectivity, a moving magnet phono stage, and a headphone amp. Terrific one-box solution for a small system in a bedroom or office.  This is a used NAD 3020, in nice shape with original box and packing and ready for a new home.


Nordost Blue Heaven tonearm cable

Reg. Price: $399
Sale Price: $175

Here’s a nice Nordost Blue Heaven tonearm cable, just in on trade as part of a client upgrade to the newly updated Nordost + range of tonearm cables. This tonearm cable is configured straight DIN to RCA, so please make sure that’s a fit for your tonearm.  Used but super-clean and includes original box and packing.

Please note: demonstrator units (except for furniture) typically include box, packaging, and remaining manufacturer’s warranty as applicable. Furniture is for local sale only, as it cannot be shipped. Used components are in good working condition, however boxes, packaging, and manuals may or may not be available, and there is no warranty unless the original manufacturer’s warranty is transferrable.

If something interests you, call us at (214) 360-9520, or e-mail us.