Demonstrator / Used / Consignment Equipment

The featured demo and used components listed for sale below are carefully inspected to make sure they’re working properly. Please see note at the bottom of the list for more information on conditions and terms of sale. This is a list of featured products; for a complete list, please e-mail us.

Please note- we don’t buy used components, or accept items for consignment unless part of an upgrade purchase.


Linn Lingo 1 power supply for LP12 turntable

Reg. Price: $1295
Sale Price: $500

Here’s an early Lingo external power supply for a Linn LP12 turntable.  It’s a very nice upgrade over a Basik, Valhalla, or Majik power supply and gives electronic 33-45 speed switching in addition to the improved performance. Includes all original supplied parts including external supply, internal jumper board and umbilical cord, and power switch.  Contact us for suitability and installation options.


Naim Mu-so Qb wireless powered speaker system

Reg. Price: $699
Sale Price: $499

Naim’s compact Mu-so Qb is a standalone wireless music system that outperforms all the others in this category and size. Supports high resolution audio files, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay, Tidal streaming, internet radio and lots more.  Terrific sound for an office, bedroom, or etc. and they can be grouped together for a neat multi-room music system.  We have new and demo models available at this price.


Audio Research REFERENCE 150SE stereo power amp

Reg. Price: $15,000
Sale Price: $8,500

ARC’s REF150SE is a marvelous vacuum tube power amp, with enough power to get the best out of a wide range of speakers.  We love it with Magnepans, Wilsons, ProAcs and more.   This model is our store demo and is an SE from the start, not an upgrade. There’s a new model on the horizon from Audio Research so it’s time to find a home for our demo amplifier.  Very low tube hours. Please contact us for details on remaining warranty etc.


Bluesound Pulse 2 Wireless Speaker

Reg. Price: $699
Sale Price: $379

The Bluesound Pulse 2 is Bluesound’s largest wireless speaker and delivers unmatched performance for the size and price.  Whether it’s in the bedroom, office, or on the patio- anywhere you can connect the power cord and be within range of your wireless network, you can enjoy music from a local library or streaming service like Tidal, Qobuz, Spotifyand more.  The Pulse 2 can also integrate with other Bluesound products for complete distributed audio in your home.


Da-Lite Parallax projection screen

Reg. Price: $4200
Sale Price: $1800

As part of a small store remodel, we’re offering for sale our demo Da-Lite Parallax projection screen.  It’s the top choice for projection screens, able to deliver a very bright and color-neutral picture while at the same time rejecting ambient room light so you can enjoy what you’re watching without requiring a totally dark room.  Our demo screen is in top shape, measuring 54″ x 96″, 110″ diagonal.  We recommend it with our Sony 4K HD projectors and most any others.

Please note: demonstrator units (except for furniture) typically include box, packaging, and manufacturer’s warranty, and are in excellent condition. Furniture is for local sale only, as it cannot be shipped. Used components are in good working condition, however boxes, packaging, and manuals may or may not be available, and there is no warranty unless the original manufacturer’s warranty is transferrable. Used pieces that are owned by AudioConcepts may be purchased with any normal form of payment, and are taxable. Pieces that are on consignment for a customer are being sold directly to you by the customer. These sales are final, cash only, and non-taxable. We’re happy to hook up any of these products prior to purchase.

If something interests you, call us at (214) 360-9520, or e-mail us.