Manchester Orchestra – The Million Masks of God

“The Million Masks of God” might be the finest album from Manchester Orchestra, and that’s saying quite a lot. Six albums deep, the Atlanta, GA band has covered a lot of sonic ground over the years but now have distilled their sound to its purest form. Working with producer Catherine Marks for the second time, the band has found a producer that not only understands the artistic goals for the group, but also can push them to create more cohesive works of art. For a band that has built its legacy upon singer-songwriter Andy Hull’s talent, their latest album truly feels like a group of people playing music—exactly how a rock band should feel. Gone are the days of Hull’s brash yelling over big, huge, distorted guitars, this is the work of a group focused on elegant storytelling and tight musicianship. With themes exploring life, death, and life-long love, the album has applicable ideas to a wide range of listeners. Released April 30, 2021; available on vinyl, CD, and high-resolution streaming on Qobuz.

Stand-out tracks: “Obstacle,” “Telepath,” “Keel Timing”