Introducing LINN’s New Selekt DSM

Every so often, a new product comes along that redefines expectations and revolutionizes standards; forging its own path in the name of innovation and ingenuity. Think Model-T Ford… Think Smartphone… Think Sondek LP12… And now, think Selekt DSM – the world’s first, fully customizable and future-proof digital source for hi-fi enthusiasts; a high-performance offering unlike anything else on the market.

Selekt DSM is the most configurable digital music player ever. It is versatile, upgradeable and, crucially, sounds exceptional.

This digital music player was conceived with the intent for it to accommodate Linn’s latest technological advancements — and those of the future — by virtue of its ingenious, modular design.

Embarking on a journey through the Selekt DSM product ecosystem is a sound investment; one that delivers both musical pleasure and enduring value, today and tomorrow. Your Selekt DSM can evolve with you as your desires and requirements change.

Choose your enclosure model, your preferred starting performance level, and then set Selekt DSM to work in your choice of application — all from one box — with the ability to upgrade easily at any time.

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The process of making Selekt DSM your own is simple.

The process of making Selekt DSM your own is simple.

First, pick your chassis design: either Classic Hub, or the deluxe, higher-performance Edition Hub.

Then there is a choice between three, distinct, digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) performance tiers: Standard, higher-performing Katalyst, or reference-level Organik.

Selekt DSM can be adapted to suit your chosen application, so you can truly make it your own. Will you use your Selekt DSM source-only, as part of your existing hi-fi separates system? Or would you prefer the elegant, one-box simplicity of integrated amplification? Will you connect your TV, to achieve the best possible sound from all of your entertainment sources; or will your Selekt DSM fulfil the role of a fully amplified, 5.1 home cinema receiver?

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Chassis Design

Classic Hub

  • Features powder-coated, folded aluminum casework mounted atop an 8mm-thick, machined-aluminum base.
  • Possesses a tactile central control dial, and an array of six programmable ‘smart’ buttons.
  • A broad range of connections on its back panel ensures that it can receive and deliver audio from any source imaginable; with a high-performance, integrated, analogue-to digitalconversion stage accepting anything from turntables to CD players, and a host of digital connections.
  • Uses Space Optimisation , Linn’s groundbreaking room-correction software, as standard.
  • Ships with Linn’s all-new, exceptionally efficient, highly responsive, and precision-regulated power supply design — Utopik.
  • Provides up to 24bit/384kHz and DSD256 streaming capability.

Edition Hub

  • Provides a superior-quality enclosure, featuring an all-machined construction for improved rigidity, interior isolation, and elevated aesthetic appeal — with sleek sight lines, concealed joins and understated luxury at the fore.
  • Consists of four plates, rigidly bolted together. The side pieces are flawlessly aligned with the base using pins, with four long bolts subsequently torqued-in for an
    exceptionally rigid fix, with a pleasing, precision fit and finish.
  • Provides both requisite heat management and high design appeal, the primary vent of Edition Hub is precision-cut into its aluminum plate lid. The vent itself is evocative of a wave, with each aperture cut at an angle, and only every second one machined all the way through. When viewed from different angles, this wave motif morphs and ripples — with myriad reflections projected from its various finishes and surfaces.



The standard option; a stereo DAC module that performs beautifully.


Gain a deeper insight into your music; upgrade to Katalyst for astonishing levels of detail and musicality in all applications.


Designed without compromise, and engineered entirely in-house, Organik is the culmination of Linn’s over thirty years of digital technology expertise; it is undisputedly the highest-performing DAC architecture to ever bear the Linn name.


Once you’ve chosen your desired DAC performance level, you will choose what role you would like Selekt DSM to perform in your home today — with the option to expand and upgrade its capabilities in future.

If you’re looking to replace the nucleus of your hi-fi separates system, Selekt DSM in its simplest form is just the thing for you. It is a superb, high-performance source that will play beautifully with your external amplification.

Source + Integrated Amplifiers
If you seek the elegant convenience of a one-box system, Selekt DSM – with the addition of integrated amplifiers — becomes the highest-performing, all-in-one digital source on the market. Just add speakers.

For the hi-fi enthusiast seeking higher performance, your Selekt DSM can be expanded for biamping, tri-amping, and can even be Exakt-enabled to drive certain 3rd-party loudspeakers — from one single box!

Connect to your TV
Will Selekt DSM be the centre of your family’s home entertainment? With its comprehensive array of digital and analogue connectivity, your Selekt DSM will receive, process, and deliver sumptuous sound, no matter the source. Connect to your television via the in-built HDMI ARC socket (or opt for the additional HDMI switching module featuring high-resolution eARC) to render movie, video game, and TV show soundtracks with stunning clarity and power.

Home Cinema
For home cinema devotees, Selekt DSM can be configured to form the high-performance heart of your multichannel setup. The addition of both a DSP and HDMI switching module facilitates home theatre output options ranging from 2.1 up to 7.2 Surround Sound – with all the required connectivity for satellite speakers and subwoofers on-board Selekt DSM.

All Selekt DSM owners benefit from regular, free, over-the-air software updates; bringing you improved features and performance enhancements overnight, directly from Linn.

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