An ergonomic approach leads to a new way of thinking in this high-performance headphone.

Another high-performance uniquely designed headphone is the luxurious Meze Empyrean. The Empyrean features drivers designed by Rinaro Isodynamics, a veteran team of engineers focused on planar magnetic driver tech. Utilizing innovative isodynamic hybrid array drivers, the Empyrean presents a smooth, transparent performance and is in rarefied company even among high-end headphones.

“Empyrean was born from passion, curiosity and innovation. As a business, we have allowed ourselves the freedom to experiment and take risks in search of the perfect sound. To generate something truly remarkable, one must dare to explore, and that’s what we did with Empyrean. We pushed and refined industry standards and achieved a true game changer for audiophiles.”

Antonio Meze, Lead designer and Founder Meze Audio

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