New Entry Level and Top of the Range Integrateds From Rega

Integrated amplifiers are unusually popular right now. They take up less space, require fewer cables, and are much more convenient. Rega has always been a leader in performance integrated amps, and they have just released two new models that seek to continue their dominance in the category.

On the affordable end of the spectrum, we have the new Rega Io.  The Io is very clever, delivering a significant part of the Brio’s performance in a chassis half as big and at a price nearly half as much. (Get it… half of Brio is io. Those clever Brits.) For just $595, the Io looks like it’ll be one of those long term budget classics that people will still be enjoying in 20 years.

Rega’s other new integrated, the Aethos (pictured), goes after many products costing considerably more and sits at the top of Rega’s lineup in sound quality. An old-school massive power supply and considerable attention to the analog stages help the Aethos, at $4500, see off most any competition at up to twice the price.

We’d be happy to demonstrate these and all the other fine Rega integrated amps for you.