Wilson Audio Launches New SabrinaX Speakers

We first introduced the compact Wilson floor-stander back in 2015. Though small in stature and easy to place, the performance left everyone astonished and the Sabrina speakers found many homes. Now 5 years later, we’re excited to premier the Wilson SabrinaX. Original fans of the Sabrina will be very pleased with the upgrades made. They include a cabinet now entirely made out of Wilson’s proprietary X material and featuring additional bracing, drive units sourced from the top end XVX and the Sasha DAW models, and handcrafted Wilson crossover capacitors.

We think the SabrinaX speaker is the ultimate pick when one wants world-class music reproduction in a compact and attractive form that won’t dominate a living space. We’ve been enjoying them with a wide range of amplification, including the affordable Moon by Simaudio gear, Dan D’Agostino’s latest Progression integrated amp, and Audio Research vacuum tube components.  The Wilson Audio SabrinaX speakers are now available for audition at AudioConcepts; please email or call to arrange a private listening session.