dCS Raises the Bar for Digital Playback with New APEX DAC

dCS has announced the release of a new reference-level design: the APEX Ring DAC. The upgrade features major hardware changes, a reconfigured circuit board, a new analogue output stage and more. The APEX (again) sets a new standard on what a world-class digital to analog converter can sound like and is now shipping on all Vivaldi and Rossini DACs, and the Rossini Player. We’re really enjoying rediscovering our music on our demo Vivaldi APEX and would love to share it with you. If you’re an existing owner of a Vivaldi or Rossini, we can upgrade your unit to APEX-level performance at a cost-effective price. Contact us for more information.

“This new hardware – the result of several months of intensive research and development – allows us to deliver a range of sonic and measured improvements, and enhance the musical performance of two renowned dCS systems”

– dCS

I want to demo the new APEX DAC