Magnepan Speakers at Audio Concepts in Dallas, TX

Magnepan Loudspeakers, designed and manufactured in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, have delivered unmatched performance and genuine value for over forty years. We’re a long-time dealer and fans of the Magnepan speakers.  We can help you get the best sound from yours with the right amplifier choices and optimal room setup.

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Magnepan MG3.7i

The 3.7i is not big from an acoustical standpoint. However, the bass driver is big. If we sold the portion of the speaker from 200 Hz up, you could put it in the average apartment.  The 3.7i bass driver is the reason it is big. Sorry, but that is what it takes to have high definition bass.

Need more bass?
Magnepan speakers now provide more options for getting the bass and frequency balance just right for your particular room. The relative levels of the bass and tweeter/super-tweeter can be adjusted. If that does not achieve a smooth balance in your room, bass diaphragm area can be added with one or more Maggie Bass Panels.

Cosmetic options:
The 3.7i comes standard with an oval base (like the 20.7) with the option of adding spikes for added stability on thick carpets. Steel feet are available in lieu of the oval base.

Trim options:
(Wood) Natural or black solid oak, dark cherry.
(Aluminum) Silver, black, or gloss red.

Fabric options:
Off-white, black and dark grey.

The best speaker value on earth? Magnepan MG1.7i.

For the past twenty years the Magnepan MG1.6  / MG1.7 speakers have been a huge success- a favorite among reviewers and music lovers around the world. And for good reason- their performance was far beyond what you would reasonably expect from their modest price. Magnepan’s latest version uses their quasi-ribbon technology (previously only used for the tweeter) for the full frequency range. The results are awesome. The new Maggies speak with one very natural, coherent voice and deliver incredible resolution yet never fatigue. We encourage you to hear the new MG1.7is soon! An even better value now, at $2795 per pair.

“Not just The Absolute Sound’s Affordable Loudspeaker of the Year, the 1.7 is the affordable loudspeaker of the decade”

– The Absolute Sound magazine

A new affordable Magnepan. Introducing the new MG.7.

When you want high performance sound but space (or money) is at a premium, Magnepan has a great new option for you. Introducing the affordable MG.7. Most of the performance of the MG1.7 has been trickled down into a smaller package, with very little compromise. You’ll only really notice slightly less bass response if used in a larger room, but that can be made up with the Magnepan DWM bass panel if you like. For many people, the Magnepan MG.7 will be all the speaker they ever need for musical enjoyment in a modest-sized room. Just $1795 a pair and, like all Magnepan speakers, still made in White Bear Lake, MN.

“Best Sound (for the money): Unquestionably the Maggie .7 ($1795/pair) with optional bass panel ($995).”

-Alan Taffel, The Absolute Sound

Magnepans also make a great home theater speaker.

Magnepans aren’t just great for music- with their natural, open sound they also work well in a home theater application. The CC5 center channel perfectly matches the characteristics of the full-range models, and the MC1 wall-mounted speakers are a great choice for rear or side channels. Combine them with an NAD AV receiver or separates and you have a terrific system for music and movies.