We’ve been offering Dallas the best sounding, best value high performance audio systems for over twenty five years, and while many of our products don’t fit the ‘budget’ description, there are some real gems that do. For those with ‘champagne tastes but on a beer budget’, this page is for you. These audio products can deliver sound quality way beyond what you expect for the price, and are far better than what you’d typically get from a big box appliance store. If you’ve thought you couldn’t afford high end audio, we hope the following selection of products will change your mind. Please stop by any time for more information and a demonstration, and feel free to bring your own music.

Rega Turntables

Yes, playing records is still a great way to enjoy music! For over thirty years, Rega has been the first word when it comes to turntables that deliver a high end experience at a reasonable price. The entry model Planar 1 is made in England like all the other Rega tables, includes a nice Rega phono cartridge, sells for just $475, and includes our complimentary setup optimization and performance verification.

Rega turntables

NAD Amplifiers and CD Players

Ever since the mid 1970’s, NAD audio products have combined no-frills cosmetics with top shelf internal parts to give music lovers on a budget the best sound possible. Their CD players start at $299. You can also skip the CD player and simply plug in your iPod to one of their integrated amps, starting at $380.

NAD amplifiers and CD players

PSB Alpha B1 Speakers

When Canadian speaker designer Paul Barton launched his first version of the Alpha bookshelf speaker back in the early 1990’s, it rocked the world with its full frequency response, natural and open sound, and modest price. His latest version delivers more of the same great sound, and the price is still very reasonable at just $299 a pair.

PSB Alpha B1 speakers

Grado headphones

Can’t use speakers because of roommates or family members? No worries, the Grado headphones give you terrific sound from your music at home or while travelling. They’re continually rated as a ‘Best Buy’ by all the major audio magazines, and start with the model SR60e at just $79 a pair.

NAD D 1050 DAC / Headphone Amp

Using your computer as a music source? Whether you’re connecting your computer directly to your music system, or streaming music through a Sonos, Squeezebox, Apple Airport Express, or other similar solution, you can make a major improvement to the sound with NAD’s compact D1050 digital to analog converter. It’s got optical, coaxial and asynchronous USB digital inputs, and both RCA and balanced XLR analog output plus a high performance headphone amp. $499.

NAD D 1050 DAC / Headphone Amp