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We have a great selection of the top audio brands, carefully curated over 40 years.

Our brands have been carefully chosen for their superior sound and attention to build quality- enabling us to provide you with fantastic sound and longterm support.

How Audio Concepts helps you find your perfect music system

We do what the internet can’t.

Walking into AudioConcepts is an experience that transcends mere online browsing. It’s a journey through curated expertise, personalized recommendations, and the palpable excitement of exploring sound in a tangible space. Unlike the often impersonal digital realm, here you’re greeted by passionate audiophiles who not only understand the intricate nuances of their products but also genuinely care about matching you with the perfect audio solution.

Relying on online opinions doesn’t get anywhere near the optimal solution as forming a relationship with a shop that can analyze your personal needs and desires and create the best outcome for you.

Most people don’t have the time to devote to researching all the products on the market today.  You can spend a lifetime reading reviews and opinions. Our staff are experts and we’ve carefully curated the top products in our shop for you to demo.

With hands-on demos, real-time advice, and the opportunity to audition equipment in a real-world environment, our local audio shop offers an immersive, sensory-rich experience that the internet simply can’t replicate. Plus, there’s something special about supporting a community business and forging connections with fellow music enthusiasts right in your neighborhood.

We also don’t stop at simply selling and professionally installing your set up. For our clients we handle many different types of services, including critical setup of turntables, optimizing the performance of networks and networked audio products, maintaining and servicing components, and repairing and restoring older speakers. There’s a world of benefits in becoming an AudioConcepts client that extends long after the original sale.

We have a unique listening environment that lets you easily make sound choices.

Our shop provides a comfortable setting to relax and listen, and makes purchasing your perfect system stress free.

We offer the ability to compare a carefully curated selection of the best products on the market.

We provide guided and personalized demonstrations that let you easily discern the differences.

We’re a gathering space for music lovers and audiophiles.

AudioConcepts isn’t just a place to buy equipment; it’s also a vibrant hub of community engagement and shared passion for sound. Beyond the rows of speakers and racks of amplifiers, it hosts a plethora of social events and demos tailored to enrich the audio experience for our clients.

From intimate listening parties where enthusiasts gather to explore new releases together, to hands-on demos where experts share insider tips on optimizing audio setups, there’s always something exciting happening.

We find the right solutions for your preferences and your space.

Customizing a system for clients involves a harmonious blend of technical prowess and personalization. Understanding the client’s needs, preferences, and the ambiance you aim to create is paramount. Whether it’s designing a home theater system for immersive cinematic experiences or crafting a dynamic audio setup for a music lover, attention to detail is key.

Audio Concepts has been perfecting the set up and installation for 40 years and we are efficient when creating the optimal results in your space. From selecting the right speakers, amplifiers, and acoustic treatments to fine-tuning the sound calibration, every element is tailored to elevate the auditory journey. Collaboration with you ensures that your vision is not just realized, but surpassed, as the sound system becomes a symphony of your desires.

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We’re located at the southwest corner of Preston and Forest, one large block south of 635 on Preston, in the Preston Village shopping center.

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