Accessories for your audio system, including cables, power distribution, and even support devices and stands, can make a profound improvement to the overall performance.  In fact without them, you’ll never actually enjoy the potential your system has to offer. They’re so important that we’d rather not even label them as accessories, but as key components.

Quality signal cables (speaker cables and interconnects) play a key role in maintaining the integrity of the musical information as it passes through your system.  For best results, you should try and use the same manufacturer’s signal cables consistently throughout your system. We’re always happy to compare different solutions, so you can confirm for yourself the potential advantages, and we can also make a cable recommendation for your system- just ask.

The right power distribution products and power cables can not only keep your system safer from the noisy and variable electric supply in your home but they can also isolate noise being transmitted from component to component, and improve sound (and picture) quality. As with signal cables, we are happy to demonstrate and make recommendations for your system.

For those looking for furniture to simply house their components and perhaps support a large flatscreen TV, Salamander’s flexible and attractive cabinet solutions can’t be beat. They’re available in an enormous range of sizes and finishes, with many options, and are manufactured here in the US to a very high standard especially considering the reasonable price. For a solution that can actually enhance the peformance of your system, the Quadraspire component stands are a great choice- they’re very minimal in design, come in a range of finish options, can be reconfigured if your system changes, and are reasonably priced.  They also look great, and are very popular with our clients.  And for the very best support system for high performance components, where you want to really address resonance control and maximize the sonic potential, check out the HRS isolation bases and stands. You may be as surprised as we were when you hear the perfomance improvements they can bring to a highly resolving system.

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