Simaudio MOON Preamp and Power Amp now in store

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the Simaudio MOON components, we’ve decided to broaden our range on demonstration to include their reference-level 740P preamplifier and 860A power amplifier. Hand built in Canada, the MOON series has always been a best-in-class contender for solid state amplification, DACs, and streamers at whatever price point they appear. Simaudio backs up their build quality with a whopping 10-year warranty on their products.

Design features of the 740P preamp:

  • Power supply voltage regulation includes i 2 DCf (Independent Inductive DC Filtering); 1 inductor for each and every IC in the audio circuit’s signal path – 24 stages in all.
  • 4 stages of our M-LoVo (MOON Low Voltage DC regulation); a highly sophisticated circuit virtually free of noise, yielding exceptionally fast, precise, and very stable DC voltage.
  • Gain offset adjustment of ±10dB for each line input.
  • Fully compatible with 820S external power supply.
  • Each line input is fully configurable to be “home theater ready”, whereby the 740P’s volume control is bypassed.
I want to demo the MOON 740P preamp

Design features of the 860A power amp:

  • Monaural operation via rear-panel switch.
  • DC-coupled design with DC-servo control for greatest transparency.
  • Switchable AC-coupling for best match with a variety of preamplifiers.
  • Output stable into any load impedance.
  • Class A power output up to 5 watts.
  • Very high damping factor for superior musical dynamics, speaker control and refined harmonic accuracy and timbre.
I want to demo the MOON 860A power amp