New Entry Range of Speakers from Sonus Faber at AudioConcepts!

Italian designer Sonus faber has introduced a new series in its already incredible range of speakers, marking a new entry point into the luxurious, highly musical brand. The Lumina collection is a bargain for the craftsmanship alone—bound in leather and real multilayer wood—but its smooth and elegant sonic character cements it as a best-buy option at all price points. Still manufactured in Italy, the Lumina collection includes a pair of bookshelves, two pair of floor standers, and a center channel speaker, making it a great option for both stereo and home theater systems.

Lumina V

The Lumina V is the flagship three-way floor standing model in the collection. Lumina V a slender speaker, with high power handling and fast transient response, capable of producing a natural, generous and emotional sound for an immersive listening experience. The Lumina V is rich with new electro-acoustic solutions.

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Lumina III

The Lumina III is a compact and elegant tower, the perfect choice for any mid-sized room and able to provide a broad frequency response, a gorgeous dynamic impact and a beautiful mid-range presentation.

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Lumina II

The Lumina II is the largest bookshelf speaker in the collection. It maintains a compact and versatile design perfect for placement within a bookcase or shelving unit or can be positioned as a rear channel in a home theater system.

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Lumina I

The Lumina I is the most compact high-end passive loudspeakers in its category. This feature makes it extremely easy to place turning it into the perfect choice for smaller spaces. Despite its dimension, Lumina I is able to deliver tons of musical engagement.

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We have the Lumina II bookshelf ($1199 pair) and Lumina III floor standers ($2199 pair) available for audition now! Click the button below to schedule a demo.

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