Spendor Loudspeakers Now at AudioConcepts!

Spendor design, engineer and build all of their loudspeakers in the UK, with components and cabinets all refined through their own in-house R&D program.  Their rich history goes back to the 1960’s, as designers in the BBC’s sound engineering department

Spendor speakers are easy to place in a room, work happily with whatever components you may have, and can transform the way you hear and enjoy every style of music. Their timeless, elegant design, which has evolved over five decades, makes them unobtrusive in your home. Best of all, they deliver a true, transparent and musical sound way beyond their price point.

We currently have the A4 from Spendor’s A-Line, and the D7.2 from their D-Line.  Please stop in for an audition with your favorite music.

Energetic and uplifting, the A-Line loudspeakers deliver sound with projection, character and sheer entertainment far beyond their modest dimensions. With their clean, open sound, they’re outgoing, friendly and expressive, bringing a natural sense of life and articulation to your music. They’re refined and composed, with real subtlety, but also with a snap and drive that makes them captivating to listen to at all times.  The A-Line speakers are happy partners with a wide range of affordable components and easy to place in any room.

Dynamic and pure, the -Line loudspeakers reveal every nuance of the performance with absolute clarity, resolution and realism. No distortion or blurring of the music’s shades, tones and colors: all is, seamless and detailed and faithful to the original recording, while highlighting subtleties you may never have noticed before. With their transparent, superbly natural sound and extraordinary resolution, they create an airy, spacious soundscape, then invite you in to explore it, uncovering new depths, textures and definition in your music.  The D-Line speakers will benefit greatly by being partnered with high performance electronics and source components.