Introducing Linn’s Next – Generation Klimax DSM

Linn’s all-new Klimax DSM is the best yet.

The epitome of extreme engineering, every element of the new Klimax Streaming DAC has been designed from the ground up, inside and out, applying decades of Linn’s unique audio innovation and digital technology expertise.

The Linn Klimax DSM is housed in a new exquisite precision-machined aluminum enclosure, providing vital acoustic isolation along with visual and tactile luxury. On the inside, the beating heart is the ground-breaking home-grown Linn Organik DAC, enabling the most natural sound ever. Setting a new benchmark in the industry, the ultimate digital streaming source is a must-have for the most discerning hi-fi enthusiasts.

We are delighted to be among the first Linn dealers to offer this new flagship streaming product for demonstration, and look forward to welcoming you in-store for an exclusive demonstration. Please contact us for special trade-in opportunities for existing Linn Klimax DSMs, and Organik upgrade options for other Linn Klimax components.

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Advanced connectivity includes support for network streaming, analog, digital, USB, Wifi and Bluetooth, and even HDMI.

The Organik DAC is a complete in-house design that uses FPGA processing and a discrete conversion stage.