Sony OLED Technology now on display!

Years in development, Sony’s new A8F OLED display is a truly remarkable visual experience. Between the natural beauty of OLED technology and Sony’s technical expertise in the field of video playback, the A8F is hands-down one of the best televisions you can buy today. This screen has over 8 million self-illuminating OLED pixels that can be individually activated to recreate truly lifelike images. Because each pixel lights up independently, you get greater detail in dark scenes and more accurate detail, color, and shades in every moment. With Sony’s X1 Extreme processor, you know you’re seeing the most accurate version of every image.

Sony have focused on delivering more dynamic imagery with their X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology, giving the panel a brightness range that is three times that of a conventional LED-backlit panel. This enhances any source to near-HDR quality levels with a wider range of brightness. With X-Motion Clarity, you know you’ll take in every moment of fast action sequences as the panel individually controls each moment, making sure the picture remains smooth, bright, and clear. As with all of our Sony panels, the A8F features 4K resolution and High Dynamic Range brightness and color.

We are very pleased to have Sony’s flagship A8F OLED television on display in store now! Available in 55” and 65” models, starting at $2799.99.