If you’re looking for a high performance music system with a compact footprint, check out Naim’s new Uniti Atom and Nova. Both combine a solid integrated amplifier with network connectivity for streaming local digital music files, internet radio, Tidal, Spotify, and lots more. You can also play music directly to Uniti via Bluetooth or Apple Airplay, and connect additional source components if you like. Even a headphone amp is include for private listening.

The Uniti Atom is the most compact all-in-one solution, with a 40 watt integrated amp that matches up nicely to many speakers. One of our favorite pairings is ProAc’s Tablette Ten bookshelf speaker.

Naim’s Uniti Nova raises the performance level considerably, featuring a serious 80 watt per channel amplifier capable of driving even demanding speakers- we really like the Uniti Nova paired with Wilson Audio’s Sabrina.

Stop by for a demonstration of either of these intriguing new Naim Uniti components.