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Speakers can be the most difficult choice, especially if you have limitations on things like size, placement, finish, etc. They can also be the most subjective; unless you're getting a pair of Wilson Audio Alexandria XLFs, compromises inevitably have to be made regarding different performance attributes and of course budget. We carry a wide range of speakers and, with a little discussion about your room, performance goals, and other equipment, can help you narrow it down to a few good models to audition.

Linn and PSB have several in-wall and in-ceiling models that can be inconspicuous and bring great sound to other areas of your home. It's always better to use a conventional speaker whenever possible though, because the trade-offs are significant even with the best in-walls. This is especially true for primary front and center speakers in a home theater system- you're making a huge compromise if you go to an in-ceiling speaker here.

When selecting speakers, you'll do best to make your comparisons with a range of your favorite music- even if it's for an AV application. A good speaker doesn't suit music more than movies or vice versa, and music can more easily help you distinguish differences. All of the manufacturers represented here have matching center channel models, so you can set up a great music system or a complete home theater system.

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