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Home theater systems that are equally compelling for both music and film can be tough to assemble. The 'home theater in a box' or mass market / online system purchase may very well reproduce explosions and sound effects in your living room, but will leave a lot to be desired when you want to listen to the latest Beck album or your favorite classic rock or jazz recordings. Our solutions can do it all.

We start with NAD receivers, which offer sound quality that is clearly a step above competing products in the same price range. Many of NAD's models also include their MDC Modular Design Construction so you can upgrade as technology changes- an important consideration with today's evolving technologies. For the best possible AV electronics solution, you simply can't beat the performance, build quality, and ease of use of the McIntosh AV preamp/processors and multichannel power amps.

We've also installed a Dolby Atmos system in one of our demonstration rooms, so you can check out the newest and most immersive way yet to enjoy movies at home. Our Atmos system features the latest Arcam AVR850 receiver and Arcam universal disc player (which plays CDs, SACDs, DVDs, and Blu Ray discs, and also streams network music files), and a Kaleidescape movie server. A full complement of GoldenEar speakers rounds out our Atmos system. Stop by for a demonstration, and learn how you can easily integrate a similar system into your home.

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