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Product Description

Reg. Price: $599
Sale Price: $225

NAD’s T567 Blu-ray disc player is everything you’d expect from NAD- a solid machine with good engineering and performance on both the video and audio side.  Though this player doesn’t have the latest 4k and HDR video specs, it does a fine job with the vast majority of video content which still comes on standard blu-ray discs.  Perhaps most interesting here is this NAD has more connectivity than the newest DVD players so it’ll work well with a wider range of displays, and also has far better performance when you want to play a music CD than most any other ‘universal’ player in its price range.  Though this NAD T567 is technically a demo model, we are selling it as used as it’s been with us for a couple of years.  Of course it’s spent most of that time sitting on a shelf powered off.  Terrific value if only to play CDs. Pristine shape with original box, remote, etc.

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