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Wilson Audio Sabrina speakers paired with the Hegel H360 integrated amp / DAC. An office system featuring top spec Linn LP12 turntable and Linn Akubarik Exakt loudspeakers. Another Booplinth installed on a Linn LP12 turntable, this one in the natural finish. The Booplinths make a genuine sonic improvement and look beautiful.

Happy music lover enjoying this vintage Linn and Naim system. Audio Research's new REF Phono 3 phono stage, set up here with the AMG Giro turntable and the ARC REF 6 preamplifier. Audio Research GSi integrated amp and Vandersteen Treo CT speakers, with a really nice custom cabinet designed just for the components.
Linn founder and CEO Ivor Tiefenbrun visits during our 30th Anniversary celebration. Doesn't get much better than this full Wilson Audio 5.2 speaker setup with Audio Research and McIntosh electronics and a Sony 4K projector. Beautiful, well-engineered room. A nice system including ProAc speakers, Audio Research electronics, LInn LP12 turntable, Rega disc player, and a happy cat.
Mighty Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF speakers in an aesthetically and acoustically fabulous setting. New GoldenEar XXL SuperSub up and running in our McIntosh AV system, using the film 'Gravity' to break it in. Elegant system comprised of DeVore Orangutan speakers, Audio Research integrated and Linn LP12 turntable.

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