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Audio Research SP20 Vacuum Tube Preamp

ARC's SP20 preamp is a full-featured vacuum tube design that combines a tube line stage, tube phono section, and tube headphone amplifier all in an updated modern chassis. A cool touch screen display lets you easily adjust user options like input names and phono loading, check tube hours, and lots more. A fully balanced design, the SP20 includes balanced and single ended RCA inputs and outputs, a home theater pass through option, and remote control. Best of all it sounds great, delivering typical Audio Research transparency and resolution. $8995.

Wilson Audio Alexia speakers

The Wilson Audio Alexias are the first all-new model from Wilson in many years. They're engineered to deliver much of the performance of the top of the range Alexandria XLF, but with a footprint only slightly bigger than the Sophia3 or Sasha. The Alexia features three cabinet modules to allow for precise time domain adjustments, and newly developed eight and ten inch bass drivers. They sound pretty remarkable here in the store!

DeVore Fidelity Orangutan O/93 speakers

Monkeys in the house! The beautiful DeVore Orangutans deliver a remarkable musical performance, very effectively communicating the emotion and soul in your favorite recordings. WIth an efficiency of 93dB they're really happy partnered with low powered tube amps (like the Audio Research VSi60 and VSi75 integrateds), and also work nicely with Naim components. One listen and you may be hooked!

Nordost Leif Series cables

Nordost's Leif Series signal cables redefine affordable cable performance. We have several models from the White Lightning, Blue Heaven and Red Dawn series in stock now, including new USB digital audio cables and power cords. Use a complete Nordost cable solution throughout your system, and you'll be pleasantly surprised at the result! We're happy to make a recommendation for your system.

Rega DAC-R D/A converter

Rega's updated entry level DAC is an even greater value than the prior version. Handling up to 24-bit / 192kHz data and featuring dual Wolfson DACs, user-selectable digital filters, and five inputs including isolated coax, toslink, and asynchronous USB, it provides a great way to optimize computer-based music and also breathes new life into an older disc player. Have a Sonos or BlueSound music source? The Rega DAC is a great addition. $1095.

PSB Alpha B1 speakers

The compact and remarkably inexpensive PSBs bookshelf speakers are the latest in a long line of affordable models from Canadian designer Paul Barton. The Alphas are ideal for an apartment or dorm room, and for anyone on a tight budget. You'll be amazed at the level of performance now available - for just $300 a pair!

Linn Radikal LP12 Motor and Power Supply Upgrade

The Linn Radikal replaces the standard AC motor and power supply with a new DC motor and auto-calibrating speed management system that delivers absolute speed stability and accuracy and dramatically increases the playback signal to noise ratio. The Radikal's external power supply can also power the Linn Urika internally mounted phono stage. Please contact us for more information and pricing on the Radikal and Urika LP12 upgrades; as always, we can offer generous trade-in allowances for existing Lingo power supply owners.

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