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D'Agostino Master Audio Systems Open House: Sat., May 21st, 2pm - 6pm

Bill McKiegan Presents the new Momentum M400 Mono Amps... and more!

Stop by and audition the newly upgraded D'Agostino Momentum M400 mono amplifiers, paired with our Wilson Audio Alexx speakers. The Momentum Monos are our favorite solid state amps and they've just seen a significant upgrade including an increase in power output to 400 watts, up from the original 300 watts; a new ultra-quiet 1,800VA linear transformer - a 20% increase in size from the original; and a new output stage design that includes a number of major enhancements. The result is a sound that is even more authoritative, rich, and expansive than before. It is almost hard to believe that improvements could be made to the original Momentum amplifier, but one listen to the M400s is all it takes. You can read more about the mighty Momentum amps here, but nothing beats visiting our open house to talk to Bill about the amps and hear them for yourself.
We'll also be featuring the new Momentum Phonostage, Dan's all-out approach to designing and bulding the world's finest partner for your turntable and phono cartridge. Featuring not one but two huge, isolated power supplies and a total of four MM and MC phono inputs, the Phonostage is also highly adjustable for resistive and capacative loading as well as RIAA curve. And like all of the Master Audio System products, each Phonostage is built by hand in Dan's Arizona factory. Read more about the Phonostage here.
What if you could have one single, beautiful component that did it all? With the new Momentum MLife integrated amplifier, you can. The MLife combines Dan's state of the art Momentum Preamp and Momentum Stereo Amp into one chassis, then goes a step further and adds a state of the art digital to analog converter that supports ethernet streaming as well as Airplay and Bluetooth. And D'Agostino's iOS control app puts all of the operation right in the palm of your hand. Come listen to the MLife during our event, paired with our Wilson Audio Sabrina speakers, and discover how elegant and simple a high performance music system can be. Read more about the world's finest all-in-one solution here.
Bill McKiegan, President of Sales for D'Agostino Master Audio Systems, will present the latest Momentum components at our open house and can answer any of your questions on their fine range of products. Feel free to stop by any time during the afternoon, from 2:00 pm-6:00 pm. If you know you're coming, please RSVP to info@audioconceptsonline.com or call us at 214-360-9520.

Moon by Simaudio Now on Demonstration

Affordable, High Performance Products Made in Canada

Simaudio's Moon components represent some of the best values in audio, and they are all conceived and manufactured right here in North America. The Montreal-based company has been in business now for over 35 years and builds their products to last, with most carrying a ten year warranty.

The Moon integrated amps start with the Neo 250i at $2400, a solid performer that features an oversized, old-school toroidal power transformer and enough power and finesse to work well with a range of speakers. Moving up from the 250i, the 340i integrated amp is the best selling Moon product and can be optionally configured at time of purchase or later with a DSD-capable DAC and phono stage. Read more about the Moon Neo 250i integrated amp here.

In source components the Neo 380D MiND streaming DAC is one of our favorites, with a range of digital inputs including a network connection controlled by a very elegant Moon app that's available for Android and iDevices. The 380D fully supports DSD resolutions and wireless network streaming, integrates the brilliant Tidal music service into its app, and sells for $5500. If you're looking for a more affordable source, Moon also offers the 280D streaming DAC at $2800. Read more about the Moon Neo 380D streaming DAC here.

One of our most popular categories today is heaphone listening, and the Moon headphone amps are extraordinarily good. The Neo 230HAD headphone amp / DAC is just $1500 and yet has seen off many much more expensive models in head-to-head comparisons. The top Moon 430HA might be the best headphone amp we've heard! Read more about the Moon Neo 230 headphone amp / DAC here.

The Moon product range includes lots more, including affordable phono stages starting at $650. Please stop by for a listen to these very nice components- and ask us about the Moon Trade-Up program!

Featured Demonstrator and Used Equipment

You can find attractive savings on our collection of floor samples and used components, all in good working condition. The selection varies constantly- please visit our page here for the latest listing.


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