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Demonstrator / Used / Consignment Equipment

Our demo and used components listed for sale below are carefully inspected to make sure they’re working properly. Please see note at the bottom of the list for more information on conditions and terms of sale. This list changes often, so check back regularly. If you’d like to stay up to date on our demo and used offerings, you can subscribe to our email newsletter at the bottom of this page. For more information on an item, phone or e-mail us.


Classe’ CAV150 6 channel power amp

Reg. Price: $4500
Sale Price: $1500

Beefy multichannel power amp with a massive power supply transformer, this would be ideal for a home theater system with power-hungry speakers.  The CAV-150 amp delivers 150 watts per channel into 6 channels, and you can bridge pairs of amp channels to make it into a 5, 4 or 3 channel power amp.  Used and selling on consignment for a client; very nice condition but no box or packing so local pickup optimal.


NAD T567 Blu-ray / CD player

Reg. Price: $599
Sale Price: $225

NAD’s T567 Blu-ray disc player is everything you’d expect from NAD- a solid machine with good engineering and performance on both the video and audio side.  Though this player doesn’t have the latest 4k and HDR video specs, it does a fine job with the vast majority of video content which still comes on standard blu-ray discs.  Perhaps most interesting here is this NAD has more connectivity than the newest DVD players so it’ll work well with a wider range of displays, and also has far better performance when you want to play a music CD than most any other ‘universal’ player in its price range.  Though this NAD T567 is technically a demo model, we are selling it as used as it’s been with us for a couple of years.  Of course it’s spent most of that time sitting on a shelf powered off.  Terrific value if only to play CDs. Pristine shape with original box, remote, etc.


GoldenEar Technology Triton Two floorstanding speakers

Reg. Price: $2498
Sale Price: $1350

GoldenEar’s Triton Two speakers are the original model that demonstrated to the audio world a new level of performance for the price and launched GoldenEar on the path to becoming one of the most successful high end speaker manufacturers around.  The Triton Twos feature powered subwoofers in each enclosure to optimize bass for most any room and placement, and are a nice choice for a music or home theater application.  This used pair is in very nice condition with original boxes and packing.


McIntosh MX151 AV Control Center

Reg. Price: $12,500
Sale Price: $4000

Just in on trade as part of a client upgrade, this is an absolutely pristine McIntosh A/V preamp.  The MX151 includes 7.1 processing, dual zone audio, analog phono section, and lots more. Includes original box, packing, RoomPerfect microphone and stand, remote, manual, etc.  Terrific performance for music and video.

Please note: demonstrator units (except for furniture) typically include box, packaging, and manufacturer’s warranty, and are in excellent condition. Furniture is for local sale only, as it cannot be shipped. Used components are in good working condition, however boxes, packaging, and manuals may or may not be available, and there is no warranty unless the original manufacturer’s warranty is transferrable. Used pieces that are owned by AudioConcepts may be purchased with any normal form of payment, and are taxable. Pieces that are on consignment for a customer are being sold directly to you by the customer. These sales are final, cash only, and non-taxable. We’re happy to hook up any of these products prior to purchase.

If something interests you, call us at (214) 360-9520, or e-mail us.