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Audio Concepts | Wilson Audio

Started from a desire for truly accurate playback systems in the studio, Wilson Audio has been a defining benchmark in the world of high-end audio for more than forty years. Wilson Audio speakers are handmade in Provo, Utah, where founding father Dave Wilson continues to design and refine his products to this day. His particular ear for sound and attention to detail has laid the foundation for a company focused on time-alignment, resonance control, and exceptionally high-tolerance manufacturing. The result? Greater dynamics, linearity, and musicality from the music you love.

We have most every model of Wilson Audio speaker available for audition, from the new TuneTot bookshelf and compact Sabrina floorstander up to the new Alexx. Call or email us to discuss the right Wilson speakers for you and to set up a demonstration.

Audio Concepts | Wilson Audio

Wilson Sabrina

Meet the all-new Wilson Audio Sabrina! Sabrina is the most compact floorstanding speaker in the line-up, harkening back to the size and scale of the original 1980’s Wilson WATT/Puppy model. However that’s where the similarities end, as the Sabrina borrows technology and materials from the model XLF, the pinnacle of Wilson Audio’s 30 year quest to reproduce the sound of live music as realistically and life-like as possible.

You can now enjoy the complete Wilson Audio musical experience with a compact, elegant speaker that is very much at home in most any environment. The Sabrina speakers make few demands on placement, and are happy with a wide range of ancillary components. We’re very excited about the Sabrina, and are certain it will bring many clients into the Wilson Audio family. Stop by for an audition!

Wilson Sophia3

Dave Wilson once observed that, when the original Sophia was launched in 2001, it was inevitably described in the audio press as Wilson Audio’s “entry-level” floor-standing loudspeaker. While Sophia remains one of Wilson’s most affordable floorstanding models, focusing on price obscures an important fact— that price was incidental to Sophia’s actual design objective. What Dave and the Wilson design team set out to create was a loudspeaker that, unlike its siblings at the time, was less demanding of rooms and electronics. Sophia was designed to be a product easy to drive, easy to own, and one that invited its owner to just relax into the enjoyment of music.

We love the Wilson Sophia 3 speakers when paired with many affordable amplifiers, including Audio Research and Naim integrateds as a starting point, and many Sophia speakers are integrated into terrific home theater systems with matching Wilson center and rear speakers.

Audio Concepts | Wilson Audio
Audio Concepts | Wilson Audio

Wilson Sasha W/P Series 2

For the past 23 years, no product represented the soul and history of Wilson Audio more than the WATT/Puppy. With well over 15,000 units sold since its inception, its place in the pantheon of great audio products is assured. Martin Colloms described the WATT in his landmark book, ‘High Performance Loudspeakers’, as the perfect enclosure. Its distinctive pyramidal shape has inspired numerous imitators.

Wilson Audio has a long history of utilizing technology pioneered in previous projects. In many ways, each new Wilson product is but the latest receptacle for its cumulative scientific research. With Sasha Series 2, the latest in the evolutionary line starting with the WATT/Puppy, precise time alignment (highly critical to harmonic expression, dynamic capability, and musicality) has reached an unprecedented degree of refinement for a two-cabinet loudspeaker. Also, the Wilson Convergent Synergy Tweeter that transformed the sound of the Alexandria XLF has now been modified for Sasha’s two-cabinet configuration.

The Sasha is Wilson’s most popular speaker in their lineup, delivering performance far beyond what one would expect from its price.

Wilson Alexia Series 2

The Alexia Series 2 speaker system represents the merging of the time-domain accuracy of the flagship Alexandria XLF with the stylish form factor similar to that of Sasha. Completed after a year and a half of research and development, the Alexia boasts the compact size of Sasha with the sonic scale, musicality, coherence, and resolution to rival the Alexandria XLF. This is truly a speaker that must be heard to be believed.

Wilson Alexias are the most popular model we display at AudioConcepts. You can spend many multiples of the Alexia’s price on other speaker brands, but we doubt you’ll come close to the Alexia’s natural beauty, accuracy, and musicality.

Audio Concepts | Wilson Audio
Audio Concepts | Wilson Audio

Wilson Duette 2

Duette is a truly unique product in the audio world: a compact loudspeaker designed specifically for installations where space or aesthetics require placing the loudspeaker near a boundary, such as a wall or in a bookshelf. And even though the original Duette stood unmatched in its performance in these hostile applications, Wilson Audio was able to reassess and redesign many aspects the original speaker to bring us Duette 2. With the addition of a new tweeter (based on Alexia’s Convergent Synergy Tweeter), updated enclosures and baffles, proper driver time-alignment, and a specified crossover for near-wall placement, the Duette 2 refines upon the original model in nearly regard.

The Duette is the ultimate solution for rooms where you want true Wilson Audio performance but need a more compact speaker that you can place next to the wall.

Wilson Alexandria XLF

Since 1985, Audio Concepts has unwaveringly sought out those products that have that rare ability to transport the listener to the live musical event. In that spirit we are proud to debut the Wilson Audio Alexandria XLF, Wilson’s best speaker system.

Dave Wilson has spent a lifetime seeking to understand the salient qualities of live, unamplified music, and unearth those qualities that convey the unique feelings of emotional connection and involvement. The current culmination of Dave’s life work is embodied in the Alexandria XLF. The XLF is the most complex and ambitious loudspeaker Wilson Audio has built to date— it takes over a week of eight-hour shifts just to mill a single enclosure. But for Dave Wilson, size, weight, and manufacturing complexity are all of little consequence when the goal is to make a loudspeaker capable of transporting you the listener to the live event, while in the comfort of your home.

The XLF is a remarkable achievement and we think it truly represents the current state of the art in loudspeaker design, getting you closer to the emotional experience of a live performance than ever before.

Audio Concepts | Wilson Audio