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Music and film can change your life. The same experience enjoyed in your home can, too, but only if faithfully reproduced. We started AudioConcepts over thirty years ago to help people enjoy the best possible audio and video entertainment in their home. The combination of our knowledge and experience, carefully matched system solutions, and excellent customer service make this happen.

On this page, we provide information on our store. Please call or stop by if you have any questions, and see how we can make your next music system purchase more satisfying.

Store location, hours, phone number

AudioConcepts is located at the southwest corner of Preston Road and Forest Lane in the Preston Forest Village Shopping Center, in North Dallas. That's one large block south of 635 / LBJ, or two large blocks west of Central. We're easily accessible from anywhere in the metroplex. You can get a pop-up printable map by clicking here. For further directions, please call. You may reach us by phone at 214-360-9520, or e-mail us.

Store hours:
Tuesday - Thursday 12PM - 7PM
Friday, Saturday 10AM - 6PM
Closed Sunday, Monday

Why we're different

Here are a few reasons. First, we specialize in performance audio and video systems. We are very focused on knowing what products perform best, and combining them into systems that give the best results. We are also skilled on setting up these systems properly, so that you get all the performance possible. This is all we do- we don't sell car stereo systems, video cameras, alarm systems or appliances. Nor are we part of a large chain of stores that focuses on profitablity through buying in what makes the most money. You can count on personalized advice and support with every purchase at AudioConcepts.

Second, we sell all of our products by demonstration. When you buy a car, you drive it. When you buy wine, you taste it. When you buy a music or theater system (more important than the others!), you should listen to it. We know of no magazine or set of specifications that can tell you which collection of components is right for you, your home, and your expectations. With our assistance, you can listen and decide for yourself. And don't worry- you will hear a difference! In our experience, anyone who can tell the difference between two different brands of ice cream, or two different shirt fabrics, or the way two different cars drive, can also hear the difference between two different CD players or two different amplifiers or ... . And when we demonstrate products, we actually hook them up together the way you will do at home. We don't run everything through switchboxes and comparators, which will hide both good and bad qualities and make a valid comparison impossible. Those things belong in car stereo stores. If you see something like that in what you think is a quality audio store, run away.

Third, we realize the incredible importance of selecting a system, not just a bunch of components. Many people come into our store having purchased a bunch of expensive audio components elsewhere, often all 'Class A' rated by various magazines, and are unhappy with the sound. It's no surprise to us- a carefully matched set of components that even cost less can easily outperform the random component approach.

Isn't it all real expensive?

No. Many people think that they can't afford a high performance sound system, but they really can. For the same money that you would spend on a rack system at an appliance or department store, you can get a sound system at AudioConcepts that will give you infinitely more pleasure. It will not only sound a lot more like the real thing, it will also be more reliable and, more than likely, be easier to operate.

That's because we select products that are designed for sound quality, not buttons, lights, features, etc. We have systems that include a CD player or DAC, amplifier and speakers for under $1500. And whether you're spending $1500 or $150,000, you still get our full level of service. We'll spend the time to help you pick the right components, and then we'll deliver and set up your system at no charge, making sure that you get the best performance possible.

Is system setup important?

System setup is very important. We're constantly horrified at how poorly many (expensive) systems sound in peoples' homes, because they aren't set up correctly.

Source components are the most cricital as they're the gateway to getting good sound. Whether it's fully optimizing an analog turntable's many variables, or setting up a computer or NAS drive to play back digital music files, we can maximize the performance of all of your music sources.

Speaker placement is super-critical too- speakers should be properly placed if you want to achieve the best possible sound, and even a few inches one way or the other can make a difference. (That's why we'll ask you about where you can place your speakers, when you're choosing them. Different speakers have different placement requirements.) Components also have placement considerations, and it's important to make the right cable choices for each application. Hooking everything up correctly is of course essential, not just so that it works, but so that it works optimally, delivers the total performance possible, and operates safely. Because system setup is so important to get the best possible sound, we offer it free of charge with every system purchase.

Multiroom systems and custom installation

At AudioConcepts we specialize in performance-oriented music and home theater systems. Many people are surprised to learn that these products don't preclude enjoying top quality sound throughout your home. With products like Linn DS, BlueSound, and Sonos, and many high quality, discreet in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, you don't have to limit your enjoyment to only one room. Ask us about the many options available that can increase your system's use without compromising its performance.

We also offer custom installation for all of our products. AudioConcepts has years of experience coordinating with builders, electricians, and architects, so we can maximize not only the sound of your system but also its integration into your home. We'll be happy to help you select the perfect system from our range of products, and then insure an expert and smooth installation. We can also custom install music systems in restaurants and other commercial applications where high performance is important- ask us about previous clients.

Top reasons to choose AudioConcepts

We have a comfortable retail store where you can relax and audition components, and make the best informed decision. (Surprisingly, many companies today have only an internet presence and a delivery van.)

We have a carefully chosen selection of the best products available today, ones from manufacturers who have a proven history of delivering quality products and providing longterm support.

We offer expert system delivery and setup. Our experience in speaker placement, component setup, cable selection, etc. makes sure that your system reaches its performance potential.

We offer custom installation of our products. With years of experience coordinating with builders, electricians, and architects, we can maximize not only the sound of your system but also its integration into your home- whether it's simply adding music in other areas of the house or making the most of a dedicated media room.

We're a locally owned and operated specialty retailer, in business for nearly thirty years, providing you with the best personalized customer service. When you have a question about your system, you can call and actually talk to a person- usually the person that helped you choose and set up your system.

We support our products after the sale. We handle service on everything we sell, and offer free loaners (subject to availability) to system buyers. On non-warranty repairs, we don't mark up the bill. We pass on only the actual costs to you.

We'll offer you a competitive trade-in on anything you have purchased from us, making it easy for you to improve your system and enjoy that next level of performance.

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